by JASS on June 15, 2018 on 4:35 pm

By Laura Carlsen, "Our Power and Our Protection: Sharing Information and Knowledge on Extractivism," Antigua, Guatemala. May 21-23, 2018

by Niken Lestari on March 12, 2013 on 9:25 pm

Niken Lestari is an urban, middle-class-educated woman. She has experienced verbal violence has survived sexual harassment.

Niken is currently one of the regional coordinating group (RCG) representatives of Indonesia. She is also the national coordinator of the newly-formed Forum Aktivis Perempuan Muda Indonesia (FAMM-Indonesia) or Indonesian Young Women Activist Forum, a women’s organization influenced and inspired by JASS.

by Rosanna Langara on February 7, 2013 on 11:17 pm

The Philippines has a strong nationalist movement and I grew up in this context.  Movements and movement building are not novel concepts for me.  The Filipino counterpart of movement is kilusan; I learned this word at about the same time I learned how to count and to read.  I was born and raised near Mendiola, a stone’s throw away from Malacañang Palace (the Philippine president’s office) and the battleground of bloody demonstrations and protest actions of the martial law era during the rule of Ferdinand Marcos, known locally (and internationally) as the Philippines’ first dictator. 

by Srilatha Batliwala on November 23, 2016 on 3:43 pm

JASS Board Co-chair and feminist scholar, Srilatha Batliwala, writes about what crossing the line means to her: "I bow my head in salutation to Januba and her mother. I bow my head in silent salutation to all the women around the world who cross the line."

by Daysi Yamileth Flores Hernandez on September 7, 2016 on 12:32 pm

The skies wept as together we received the month of September in the town of La Esperanza, Honduras. Hundreds of visitors brought with them hearts that beat to the rhythms of their struggles, their love and the many colors of their dreams; they brought their cameras, drums, pens, and the united cry to demand once and for all: Justice for Berta!

by on April 16, 2016 on 6:00 pm

From #GrantsNotDebt in the UK to #FeesMustFall in South Africa, New York to Sao Paolo, students are mobilising to fight for their right to education. Long-time student activist, Evernice Munando of the Female Students Network Trust reflects on the big issues for Zimbabwean women students today.