JASS Mesoamerica

JASS Mesoamerica - protesting in Honduraa

JASS Mesoamerica leverages the collective power of women to promote justice and safety in a context of violence, enabling women defenders to bridge differences and build linkages across issues and movements to generate cutting edge political analysis and bold strategies.

JASS Southern Africa

JASS Southern Africa Malawian workshop 2011

JASS Southern Africa's community of diverse activists, including frontline HIV activists, young women, LBTI organizers and faith-based leaders, mobilize from the heart, mind, and body to empower and support activists and their organizations while leveraging their collective power to address practical needs and fight stigma.

JASS Southeast Asia

JASS Southeast Asia workshop

JASS Souheast Asia works across cultures and the rural-urban divide in 7 countries, emphasizing grassroots organizing and popular education and intergenerational learning and action to connect women to challenge taboos of sex, expand women's political participation, and challenge stereotypes against women in the media.

JASS Crossregional

JASS Crossregional USSF 2010 Chicago

JASS Crossregional draws from the collective expertise and insights of its three regional operations to develop agendas on cross-cutting issues, generating fresh knowledge from practice, prioritizing the resistance strategies of frontline activists and leveraging its international presence to mobilize solidarity.