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Global South perspectives from JASS’ regions: hear from different JASS staff from around the world on  How to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5 (gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls) in a context of closing civic space and increased violence? Investments in women’s political education, organizing and movement-building across social movements is essential for: Building constituencies and strong civic engagement for accountability
Just Associates (JASS)
Outline of various strategies and tips for planning advocacy work.
Valerie Miller and Lisa VeneKlasen
Excerpt from A New Weave of Power, People, & Politics featured in a 2006 edition of the Nonprofit Online News Journal (pp.38-55).
Lisa VeneKlasen
Plenary speech by Lisa VeneKlasen to the 2005 Annual Conference of the Women's Funding Network.
Valerie Miller and Lisa VeneKlasen
This study examines the framework that has been shaped by the experience of long time social justice advocates around the world who found that advocacy success needs to produce change in five dimensions − government, private sector, civil society, political space and culture, and the individual.
Lisa VeneKlasen
(Introduction only) This chapter looks at some of the challenges involved in supporting the role of NGOs to be effective actors in strengthening civil society and contributing to democratisation. It draws on the experience of a North-South collaboration involving advocacy training with groups working on rights and women’s issues in Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ghana, Russia and Poland and with a coalition of US NGOs working in development.
Lisa VeneKlasen
Paper written by Lisa VeneKlasen for AWID's Gender Justice & Globalization Strategy Meeting.
Darcy Ashman
This report presents the findings of a joint study undertaken by InterAction and the World Bank to assess the level and quality of their operational and policy relations. The motivation for the study was sparked by a post-9/11 invitation from James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank, to senior executives of InterAction member agencies to suggest advice and proposals for dialogue and cooperation on issues related to poverty reduction.
Lisa VeneKlasen
Article by Lisa VeneKlasen on popular education as a political, collective learning process based on facilitated dialogue that places the learners’ voices and lived experiences at the heart of the learning, weaving in a deeper analysis of power to sharpen critical thinking and link to organized community action.
JASS (Just Associates)
Final Report for the Americas Social Forum held in Guatemale in October of 2008.
Srilatha Batliwala & Lisa VeneKlasen
Access to and control over resources is about power. Today, the ferocious scramble to control and exploit resources—from land and forests to technology and human DNA—is a scramble for power. This session will explore women’s access and control of resources from a feminist movement-builder’s perspective.