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Global South perspectives from JASS’ regions: hear from different JASS staff from around the world on  How to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5 (gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls) in a context of closing civic space and increased violence? Investments in women’s political education, organizing and movement-building across social movements is essential for: Building constituencies and strong civic engagement for accountability
Check out JASS' 2012 Annual Report! We hope the stories in this report do justice to the profound yet immeasurable work of JASS’ community. 
"There is no revolution without the other 51%: lessons from feminist movements about how change happens." In this edition, HIVOS and JASS team up to feature women's civic activism.
JASS (Just Associates), Guatemala Human Rights Commission-USA, America's Program, Rights Action & Center for Economic Policy Research
Over 145 international, regional and local organizations from 10 countries have signed a letter addressed to the heads of state of 9 countries in the Americas, - who will participate in the Summit of the Central American Integration System (SICA) - highlighting civil society concerns about security policies, human rights, violence against men and women human rights defenders, and other important subjects.
JASS (Just Associates)
With Action Aid International, JASS facilitated a structured participatory process for women's rights activists to document stories that reflect innovative insights and lessions for navigating, resisting and engaging power.
At the 12th AWID Forum, JASS organized the in-depth session “Access to and Control over Resources: Organizing for Women’s EmPOWERment”. The following section presents some of the key ideas discussed in an attempt to broaden the understanding of access and control of resources from an analysis of power and rights. An example of these power dynamics is illustrated in a case from Guatemala where indigenous women and their communities’ struggle for recognition, rights, and resources threatened by mining industries.
Cindy Clark, Molly Reilly and Joanna Wheeler
Reflections from Women’s Movements about Gender and Rights in Practice.
Jennifer Chapman and Amboka Wameyo
JASS participated in a global learning project involving social justice actors around the world to debate and define better approaches to assessing and learning from chage. This porject was coordinated by IDS and spported by the ford foundation. a publication with case studies and debates in forthcoming. This is an evaluation by Jennifer Chapman and Amboka Wameyo.
A dialogue for building movement solidarity for economic justice, peace, and women's rights.
Just Associates (JASS)
Flow chart of elements of a trade union strategy.
Just Associates (JASS)
  A framework for weaving economic policy research into rights-based advocacy