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As delegates to the International AIDS Conference 2016 (July 18-22) gathered around the theme of “Access Equity Rights - Now”, Oxfam and JASS Southern Africa organized as women, and with women from the region who were effectively excluded from the space that was in essence about their bodies and their lives.
Meet two activists from Nigeria and South Africa—Betty Abah and Nomonde Nkosi—saying, "No!" to Big Coal. Despite the distance that separates them and their contexts, their powerful stories illustrate women’s courage, leadership and organization in standing up to multinational corporations.
In November, a Kenyan woman was stripped naked by a mob of men at a city bus stop in Nairobi and the brutal attack was caught in graphic detail on video. Her crime? Wearing a miniskirt which was deemed ‘indecent.'
This report brings you stories and insights from across the JASS network. Here, you'll read how different women see their world and the innovative ways they are challenging abuses of power and building deeply democratic alternatives.
Maggie Mapondera of JASS Southern Africa asks: We talk about justice all the time as feminists, but what do we actually mean by it? How do we even begin to imagine what justice looks like?
Martha Tholanah's digital story created during "Telling Our Stories," a JASS digital storytelling workshop held at Women's Net in Johannesburg, South Africa, May 21-25th, 2008. Part of JASS' Feminist Movement Building Initiative in Southern Africa
In this blog, Maggie Mapondera confronts some of the dangerous and disturbing myths and fairy tales that fuel the engines of a world driven by patriarchy and inequality, and a society that condones and perpetuates violence against women.
"I've never engaged in this kind of writing before. I've given my testimonies to other people. But I have never tried to put it on paper for myself so that others can learn from my experiences," says Malawian activist Mirriam Munthali at the first JASS Southern Africa Regional Writeshop.
As an avid fan of the TV show, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, I couldn’t help but take interest in its latest episode which was receiving a lot of outrage over its portrayal of a fictional celebrity couple that mimicked real life couple, Rihanna and Chris Brown’s violent relationship.
From February 15-20, JASS’ Board and Regional Directors gathered for a series of meetings in Washington DC to develop a vision, plan and agenda for what JASS will become by 2020. This time was filled with exciting events including a panel discussion on the political empowerment of women at George Washington University as well as a fun dinner party with the Crossregional team.


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