Niken Lestari

Core Team Member

A long-time member of the JASS community, Niken Lestari is a tireless feminist activists, IT specialist and communicator.

Niken studied Library Sciences and Women’s Studies at the University of Indonesia, and worked at the Convention Watch Working Group and Combined Resource Institution prior to joining JASS. In 1997, Niken was introduced to the internet and began promoting IT as a media tool for education and for critical reflection on women’s issues. In late 2007, she fell in love with open source software and joined Kluwek (a community for Indonesian women who learn and use the Linux operating system).

Niken enjoys the confidence and experience she has gained from working with a mix of young and ‘senior’ feminists at JASS. As a writer – she began creating short stories in high school and has a particular passion for poetry – Niken is especially excited about using digital story-telling and critical readings of personal histories to further the feminist movement.

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