Mural de las Ancestras

Navichoc González

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My mother followed my grandmother’s path, serving the people of her community. She was also a leader, supported low-income women by giving them raw material for their weavings. She was an artisan, trader, healer and huesera. It pained her greatly to recall and reminisce about her childhood, adolescence and adult life because she never had the opportunity to study; she was illiterate, but not afraid to speak in public. She would say: if I had studied, a lot of changes in my village would have occurred; I would have given more opportunity to the most needy. She didn’t like politics, never wanted to exercise her citizenship, because she didn’t want to endorse what her father did when he served as mayor of her community.

Politics change people, she would say, they become corrupt and inhuman. Nevertheless she empathized with people that wanted to transform or change society and in her invocations, she always asked for their blessing and protection for the people that she met and knew of their commitment.

She suffered a lot in life, but despite this her perseverance and dedication to her social, spiritual and emotional mission helped her survive all these difficulties. In his eighties she lived alone, tended her own business and never stopped healing and helping people - her specialty was healing children, young men and women; she was a chiropractor, counselor and spiritual guide, a brave woman, strong and tough. That is why I consider her my feminist ancestor, who taught me to share with others and be very fair and equitable. Thanks mom for giving me life, for showing me the way I am, feisty, hardworking. Thanks for making me heir of your wisdom to heal, for teaching me good lessons. Thank you my dear mother always present wherever I am …

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Sea Change Leadership School, Panama 2009