Raúl Leis Institute


The life and work of Raúl Leis, one of the most important popular educators and human rights activists in Panama and across the region, inspired the creation of the institute, which continues the energy and unconditional giving that Leis gave to CEASPA, the Panamanian Center for Research and Social Action, which he founded and directed, and CEAAL, the General Council of Adult Education in Latin America, where he coordinated the Secretariat from 2005-2011.

The mission of the Raúl Leis Institute is to strengthen participatory democracy, promotion of human rights, environmental sustainability through training, applied research and the creation of spaces for dialogue and debate, autonomously and collectively, for political advocacy, citizen empowerment and social transformation. The Institute is based on the ethics of popular education and sustains alliances with Panamanian and international actors that share the Raúl Leis’ values and work and education principles.