Urgent Action

Support Relief Efforts in Chin State, Myanmar

Last month, heavy rains coupled with cyclone Komen ravaged Myanmar, causing floods and landslides in 12 out 14 states in Myanmar. This is considered as the worst natural disaster to hit the country in decades.

In Chin State, the majority of those affected are women and children. Due to the massive landslides and strong winds, up to 20,000 people were displaced; 2,910 families left homeless; 5,031 acres of farmlands destroyed; and at least 4 people died in Chin State. It has been a challenge to deliver relief goods as roads have been inaccessible due to landslides that have blocked the routes. Food and medication are the most urgent need at this time. As more heavy rains are expected in the coming days, the relief and rehabilitation of Myanmar must continue.

JASS is supporting a fundraising initiative for the affected communities of Chin State led by our partner, Women’s Hand Myanmar Foundation (WHMF). We ask for your generous financial support to bring greater relief to the affected communities of Chin State. Please click here to make a donation. All donations will be sent to WHMF.

Experience has taught us that solidarity is a critical relief strategy in times of crisis. Please support the families of the affected communities in rebuilding their lives.