Urgent Action

Solidarity with Our Sisters in Gaza

To our sisters in Gaza:

We, the women of JASS in Mesoamerica, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa and the United States, extend our hearts and our solidarity to our Palestinian sisters in Gaza. We strongly condemn the attacks by the state of Israel on communities in Gaza under "Operation Protective Edge" launched on July 7 and the subsequent land invasion. These actions violate the ceasefire agreement, and destroy lives and the chance for a just and lasting peace.

We have watched the continual bombings that have killed and terrorized civilians—women, children and men—with alarm and deep grief. We have seen the morally reprehensible attacks on civilian targets, including refugee centers, boys on a beach, homes and schools. The death toll, already at more than 1,100 according to on-site reports, with more than a third of those women and children, grows each day as does our indignation and sorrow.

These attacks constitute an affront to basic principles of humanity and stand in stark violation of international law, including the Geneva Convention and its protocols, and International Humanitarian Law concerning the right to medical attention, special care for pregnant women and mothers with young children, and protection of children. Women in particular have suffered the violence of the bombings and loss of life and loved ones, as well as the less visible violence of the blockade and occupation of Gaza. We demand that the terms of "Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security" be respected, in providing special protection to women and a role in peace talks and all peace-building processes.

As mothers, sisters, daughters and grandmothers, we stand by you and we pledge to continue to urge our governments and the international community to voice opposition to the siege and to bring to bear direct diplomatic pressure to stop the Israeli military offensive in Gaza, to lift the blockade and to ensure full access to the Gaza strip for human rights observers and humanitarian aid.

We extend our gratitude to the many brave Palestinian and Israeli women human rights defenders who are standing up for peace during this crisis. Please know that from our different parts of the world, we support you and demand an end to the death and injustice that is being inflicted on Gaza.


JASS Community