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Power Up! Annual Report 2021

Despite a turbulent 2021, women made some big moves. Learn about how Power Up! supported women's organizing and strategies for transformative change. Power Up! Annual Report 2021</a

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“Seeding by Ceding”

JASS is excited to announce that we have been awarded a one-time unrestricted gift by author and philanthropist, Mackenzie Scott. This substantive contribution comes at a crucial time in the world when philanthropy needs to be ambitious, imaginative, and expansive…

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What’s LIBERATION without play?

A riddle:  What is more powerful than power?   As the oceans boil, and the hurricanes beat violently against our shores, and the air sweats with the heat of impending doom, and our fists protest the denial of who and what…

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Release Ma Myo Aye on Humanitarian Grounds

On the 15th of April 2021, labor union leader Ma Myo Aye, 53 years old, was arrested in Yangon. She is charged with Penal Code 505-A; imprisonment is up to three years and non-bailable. Ma Myo Aye was among the…

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