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Women Defending the Planet

  • JASS

From diamonds to African palm, the extraction of natural resources is above all a dangerous means of political and economic control over territories, populations, and natural resources. This crisis has a global reach, but there is a common thread: in communities across the world that are mobilizing to protect their territories and resources from extractive projects, women – including rural and indigenous women – play a leading role.

In May, we brought together women allies, activists, and defenders from across the region for a three-day gathering in Guatemala. The goal was to deepen our joint understanding and analysis of how mining companies operate and how they impact different aspects of life, particularly for women. A rich and critical space for mutual learning, the gathering centered on an exchange of knowledge that allowed participants to share their experiences and build new strategies and connections.

Read day-to-day accounts by journalist and JASS-ally Laura Carlsen of our workshops on self-care, body-mapping, power analysis, and strategies for safe and effective activism:

Day 1: Ideas with Feet

Day 2: Coming Together

Day 3: Power

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