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#THETOTALSHUTDOWN: Intersectional Women’s March Against GBV

  • JASS

JASS Southern Africa stands in solidarity with the #THETOTALSHUTDOWN: Intersectional Women’s March. On 1 August 2018, women across South Africa will mark the start of Women’s Month with a national march to protest all forms of violence against women, gender non-conforming individuals, and LGBTQIA+ people.

In South Africa, a woman is killed every four hours, and in more than half of all cases, the perpetrators are their intimate partners – boyfriends, partners, and husbands.[1] In 2004, 39% of victims were between the ages of 15-29, and 61% of these murders happened in their own homes.[2] The issue of gender-based violence and femicide (killing a woman because of her gender) has not improved. South Africa’s rate of femicide remains four times higher than the global average.

Women matter. Our bodies matter. We should be able to live with full dignity and be free from violence. We support gender non-conformity and the intersectionalities of gender. Patriarchal ideas and practices undermine women’s autonomy and safety by seeking to control our lives with violence, particularly in intimate relationships.

It’s time for all women, no matter their sexual orientation, class, culture, or race, to stand together against the brutality of patriarchy and join the movement for change. We support the call for a national shutdown on ALL economic activities, including spending money and going to work. On 1 August, we will stand in solidarity with the Intersectional Women’s March Against Gender Based Violence.

To join #THETOTALSHUTDOWN, visit their Facebook page.


[1] Source: Africa Check, South African police statistics (2015-2016)

[2] Source: South African Medical Research Council


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