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The Latest Insights and Analysis From the Frontlines

  • JASS

As social, political and economic instability dominates headlines worldwide, members of JASS’ international community are providing their own take on what this means for women’s rights, equality, and wellbeing. Check out JASS’ up-to-the-minute frontline analyses on patriarchy, feminist movement building and security from our annual Crossregional Dialogue in April. Then take a look at how JASS is innovating and investing in women’s collective organizing power to democratize access to and control over resources, including safety, basic needs, and rights, in highlights from JASS’ contributions to the 12th AWID International Forum on Transforming Economic Power to Advance Women’s Rights and Justice.

Like thousands of feminists and women activists around the world, JASS’ global community is heading to the 12th AWID International Forum in Istanbul on Transforming Economic Power April 19-22. From land rights to movement-building to security for women human rights defenders, JASS and our allies will play leading roles in shaping the discourse around women’s economic emPOWERment and rights. More than a matter of material needs, access to resources is a function of power and politics from the household to the World Bank.

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