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JASS Honors Grassroots Activists on International Women Human Rights Defenders Day 2012

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On November 29th, International Women Human Rights Defenders Day, and the 5th day of the 16 Days of Activism against gender violence 2012. We join you in paying tribute to the women across the world fighting for justice and a better life in the face of political violence, repression, stigma and full out war. We especially want to recognize the women activists and leaders targeted as a strategy of war in Syria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Gaza, and the many women of Egypt who have returned to the streets to continue the fight for two revolutions: the country’s and women’s.


Women Human Rights Defenders are more at risk of suffering certain forms of violence and other violations, prejudice, exclusion, and repudiation than their male counterparts. ~ UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders, 2010 Annual Report to the General Assembly.

These women are the movement-builders that studies show to be making the biggest difference in addressing violence against women. Join JASS and the international community as we celebrate and honor these courageous women and their movements. Below are some special tributes from our regional teams to women leaders in their contexts.



Violence against women is an essential ingredient for maintaining inequality. Women’s movements have made the struggle to end violence a priority and as a result, they are frequently attacked by powerful groups that benefit from the status quo. JASS Mesoamerica joins the global 16 days of activism against gender violence campaign, spotlighting the violence suffered by women human rights defenders (activists and leaders from all walks in life) in Mexico and Central America due to state repression and militarization in a context of insecurity and with the pretext of fighting the war on drugs. Find out how to take part and share our posters, report, video and audio clip!

Share this Poster: At least 25 women human rights defenders were murdered in Mexico and Central America over the past few years. JASS supports the courageous women defenders who continue to fight for democracy and human rights.


16days-sea-jass-2011In Southeast Asia, the growing political influence of conservative forces translates into pushback, including violence, against those advocating for women’s reproductive and LBTI rights. For the second year in a row, JASS Southeast Asia kicked off its regional One Day, One Voice campaign during the 16 Days of Activism, where women activists are mobilizing hundreds of young, grassroots, LBT, poor and indigenous women and organizations in six countries under the banner “Women, Assert Your Rights”. The dynamic campaign includes dialogues, demonstrations and marches to spotlight violence against women in Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Burma, Malaysia and Timor L’este.

To follow the action, check JASS Southeast Asia’s facebook page!


AFRA–KenyaWe recognize and honor the many courageous lesbian, bisexual and transgender women activists who have become the target of hate crimes, murder, and state repression particularly in South Africa and Zimbabwe, as well as the many women who stand in solidarity with them. Sihle Skotshi, a 19 year-old soccer player and lesbian activist was murdered at home in November in a Cape Town township. This was a particularly violent year in South Africa and Zimbabwe, while Ugandan activists have been mobilizing to stop the so-called “kill the gays” bill at the top of the agenda before Parliament. In Zimbabwe, the raid on GALZ in August and attacks on Katswe Sisterhood, the Sexual Rights Centreand Musasa heighten fear and risk. We take this moment to recognize them and thank them for their brave work in the continuing struggle for freedom.

We celebrate all women who CROSS THE LINE

How are you crossing the line?  Share your story on the JASS Facebook!
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