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Ideas & Action: JASS Crossregional Dialogue 2012

  • JASS

Istanbul, Turkey – 15-17 April 2012

JASS’ annual crossregional dialogue brought together 40 activists and scholars from 19 countries in Istanbul, Turkey to reflect on a shared vision for and experiences with feminist movement building in Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, and Mesoamerica. Participants were made up of JASS staff, advisors, board members, and key allies working with variety of issues and constituencies including HIV+ women in Malawi, LBT women in Indonesia and Zimbabwe, indigenous women in Guatemala and Malaysia, and young women in Zambia, Cambodia, and Timor L’este. Over three days, discussions covered patriarchy, feminist popular education, risk and security, and alliances, all with an eye toward knowledge production and practical applications in a wide variety of contexts.

This page includes links to the presentations, background papers, and articles that informed the dialogue.

Part 5. Feminist Popular Education

Part 6. Risk and working in violent contexts & security measures

Part 7. The way forward

Part 1. This is JASS – Introductions

JASS 2010-2012 (slideshow)

JASS Crossregional Dialogue 2012 Agenda

JASS Crossregional Dialogue 2012 Participant List

Part 2. Setting the stage-contextual analyses

JASS Mesoamerica Context Video

Regional Collages

JASS SEA Regional Collage 2012               JASS SNA Regional Collage 2012

     Southeast Asia                                              Southern Africa

JASS Mesoamerica Regional Collage 2012              JASS Mesoamerica Resistance Regional Collage 2012

     Mesoamerica                                              Mesoamerica Resistance

JASS United States Collage 2012      JASS Global Collage 2012

     United States                                             Global


Background Reading

Capitalism: A Ghost Story, Arundhati Roy – 18 March 2012 –

Not the Church, Not the State, Deniz Kandiyoti – 23 July 2010 – openDemocracy

If sexuality were a human being, Sylvia Tamale – 11 May 2011 – Pambazuka News

Citizen Action and the Perverse Confluence, Lisa VeneKlasen – 10 November 2011 – openDemocracy

Women’s Work, Nature and Colonial Exploitation, Angele Miles – 2001 – Canadian Journal of Development Studies

Neo-liberalism as creative destruction, David Harvey – 2006 – Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography


Arundhati Roy: Capitalism – A Ghost Story (4th Anuradha Ghandy Memorial Trust Lecture)



Patriarchy at JASS CRD 2012

Part 3. Patriarchy, power, and feminist movements

Highlights from our dialogue: Demystifying Patriarchy: The Interconnectivity of race, capitalism and gender – Dudzi Nhengu

The Empire Strikes Back But Finds Feminisim Invinsible – Alda Facio

South Africa: Patriarchy, paper, and reclaiming feminism – Shereen Essof – 21 February 2012- openDemocracy


JASS women wear many different hatsPart 4. Alliances

Southern Africa Alliances – presentation by Azola Goqwana – Click images to see further information.

Highlights from our dialogue: Lessons learned: JASS partnerships and alliances.




Part 5. Feminist Popular Education

Highlights & Reflections

Valerie Miller on Feminist Popular EducationFeminist Popular Educaion: a framework in process – presentation by Meriela Arce and Valerie Miller

Feminist popular education (JASS working paper) – Valerie Miller and Lisa VeneKlasen

Alquimia: feminist leadership development overview – English

Alquimia: escuela de feminista – Español.


Feminist popular education in action…… Mural of Ancestors and Body Mapping

Kamilia Manaf Mural of Ancestors  Dina Lumbatobing doing body mappingRudo Chigudu doing body mapping 

JASS SNA at Crossregional Dialogue 2012

Part 6. Risk and working in violent contexts & security measures

The Orang Asli’s struggle for recognition – presentation by Tijah Yok Chopil Malaysia

Strategic thinking: politics of heart-mind-and-body—discussion paper from JASS Southern Africa

Risk and conflict – Mesoamerican Initiative Human Rights Defenders of Women—presentation by Laura Carlsen

Mexican women speak out on life in the drug war—article by Laura Carlsen

Women Human Rights Defenders Assessment Report update, Esp-Eng 2011.


Laura Carlsen on risk and conflict

Part 7. The way forward

Phases of JASS – presentation by Lisa VeneKlasen

Feminist leadership for social transformation: clearing the conceptual cloud—background article by Srilatha Batliwala.

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