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#HealingSolidarity Conference

  • JASS

This week, we’re asking tough questions about international development at Healing Solidarity (September 17-21), a free online conference guided by a diverse cast of critical thinkers.

How can we address discrimination within organizations? How do we care for ourselves and others as we engage with emotional work? What do grassroots activists really need from funders? 

If you too are asking these kinds of questions, register for the week of events at Listen to talks, participate in online workshops, and tune in to live Q&As via the Facebook group.

Among the speakers are JASS ED Lisa VeneKlasenShereen Essof and Marusia Lopez. They’ll share our tools for organizations, activists, and movements to build feminist leadership and deconstruct power within international development.

This page hosts resources related to the conference topics so you can bring lessons to your own practice. Follow #HealingSolidarity on Twitter and Instagram, where we’re sharing our favorite quotes every day.

To get started, check out this piece by JASS ED Lisa VeneKlasen, How Does Change Happen: Reflections about power, movement-building, and our feminist futures.

Day 1, schedule and recorded talks here.

Healing Solidarity movements quote

Day 2, schedule and recorded talks here.

Healing Solidarity

Day 3, schedule and recorded talks here.

Healing Solidarity Nomvula Dlamini

Day 4, schedule and recorded talks here.

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