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COP 23: Women Participate in Climate Talks

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In light of 2017’s surge of climate disasters—from mudslides in Sierra Leone and earthquakes in Mexico to massive hurricane damage in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico—the upcoming talks should draw even greater attention. The main goal this time around is to review the 2020 climate commitments. JASS is excited to participate in the civil society proceedings for the first time, joining allies like WoMin and the Women’s Economic and Development Organization (WEDO) to bring women’s voices and perspectives into this important policy dialogue. Our delegates, Zephanie Repollo, co-coordinator of JASS Southeast Asia, and Mayi Achmad of the Palung Foundation will be participating in the People’s Climate Summit.

Join us in following the news and amplifying women’s leadership on climate justice. Zeph and Mayi will be taking over the JASS Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for the duration of COP23. Follow #WomenClimateJustice and #COP23 to learn more!

COP23: What women want

The 23rd Conference of Parties (COP23) is:

  • hosted by Fiji
  • held in Bonn, Germany, November 6 – 17, 2017
  • aimed at establishing on the rules set for implementing the Paris Agreement
  • intended to gauge how  well countries are delivering on their commitments
  • the platform for ongoing debate over finance, loss and damage, and the needed technology for countries that contribute little to the crisis but are most vulnerable its impact

With so many gathered around these questions, activists are organizing parallel events and exchanges. The JASS team will be active in a number of these*, including:

  • Spokesperson and Media Trainings with
  • Climate March, November 4 and 11
  • People’s Climate Summit, November 3–7: workshop on the violence of climate change, extractivism, capitalism and patriarchy, organized by WOMIN, on Monday 6 November, 9:30am to 12pm at Wissenschaftszentrum, Bonn – Room: S3-S4. JASS will share about the violence inflicted upon communities and human rights defenders resisting against extractivism; and organizing for people’s development sovereignty: Our right to say NO! – a workshop organized by WoMin, November 7, 9am–12 noon
  • Meet ups with the UN Women Major Group and the Women and Gender
  • The One Day, One Voice campaign


3–7 November: The People’s Climate Summit (PCS)

Organized by a broad range of movements and civil society organizations, JASS will be participating in three workshops namely, Spokesperson and Media Training with (4 Nov), Workshop on the violence of climate change, extractivism, capitalism and patriarchy organized by WOMIN (7 Nov), and Organising for people’s development sovereignty: Our right to say NO! that is also organized by WOMIN (7 Nov).

More info here:

4 November: Climate March

This is major march that will kick off before the start of the 23rd Conference of Parties. The main thematic focus will be coal mining and climate justice, with the motto: Fight for climate justice – draw a red line against coal!

More info here:

5 November: Ende Gelaende – civil disobedience against coal

This is a  peaceful civil disobedience at a lignite mining a few kilometers from the city of Bonn.

5 November. Solidarity action

At the start of the Ende Gelände action, international activists and civil society groups will gather for a solidarity ceremony led by the Pacific Climate Warriors. This year, the climate summit is being hosted by Fiji, creating a powerful opportunity for the Pacific to demonstrate true climate leadership.

11 November: Climate March 2

A coalition of mostly local, anti-capitalist groups is organizing a second march to broaden the themes from coal to include other important issues in the fight for socio-ecological transformation.

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