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#16DayOfActivism: Mobilizing to be stronger and safer together

  • JASS

Grassroots women leaders and women human rights defenders are on the frontlines of crises and change across the world. From Spain to South Africa to the steps of the United Nations, women from all walks of life are building a more just and sustainable future for us all. Yet, many women who speak out are smeared and threatened; they often facing state violence in the streets, domestic violence in their homes, and harassment in their workplaces. Though gender-based violence is not a new problem, what is new is the scale and intensity of anti-feminist forces online and offline that are fueling new forms of violence against women and LGBTQ people.

This hasn’t stopped women. Mobilizations against gender-based violence are as loud and strong as ever. Grassroots women and LGBTQ activists who face backlash and political repression are integrating collective forms of self-defense and resistance in the service of stronger movements. Diverse women defenders and activists – from journalists to indigenous leaders – are coming together in women-to-women networks where mutual support and solidarity provide protection and rapid response. By building their collective power, grassroots women activists are on the frontlines to end gender-based violence at home and in the streets – and they’ve got their own stories to tell.

We do this work because the movements are fighting and making important gains on the idea that another world is possible. If our communities, our women and groups did not have the capacity to make this change, we would not be taken so seriously. We wake up every day because we have learned to take care of each other and create spaces where we can fight. Like an indigenous leader who inspires me said, ‘We don’t die for the cause, but live for the cause.’ That’s why we continue to live for each other.” – Marusia López Cruz, JASS

We’re kicking off #16DaysofActivism on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women by hearing directly from grassroots women – our partners and allies – across Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, and Mesoamerica. Join us for the next 16 days to hear about the different ways violence is impacting women activists in their contexts, and what these feminist leaders are doing to end it.

We will share videos and graphics that explore how activists confront violence, care for themselves and each other, and work to build a better world. Follow @JASS4Justice on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. With the hashtags #16DaysofActivism or #16Days, you can be part of the conversation!

P.S. Don’t miss JASS Southeast Asia’s annual One Day, One Voice campaign. Follow @JASSSEA for #1Day1Voice and #StrongerTogether updates!

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