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“Umhlaba Nguwe (The Land Is You)”, is a 19 minute video, shot in Xolobeni, South Africa between 2020 – 2021, spotlighting the incredible organizing story of the Amadiba Crisis Committee, through the voice of one of its formidable leaders, Nonhle Mbuthuma. The ACC has worked tirelessly for many years with the community of Xolobeni to protect and fight against mining corporations’ quests to mine titanium in communities ancestral land. This video showcases the immense wealth of the natural landscape of Xolobeni, from the valuable medicinal plants that the community uses through the wisdom of indigenous medicine, to the school they built with their own funds and the treasure that is the Strelitzia plant. Facing violent opposition by corporations and government allies for years, with many of their leaders constantly under attack,, the video documents the determination and resolve of this community to preserve their land, culture, and identity for future generations to come.

Also available in Portuguese.

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