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JASS’ Rebuilding Feminist Movements Initiative is designed to rebuild, re-energize and retool women’s movements through leadership training and political education; coordinated advocacy actions; knowledge creation (research, documentation, curriculum development, assessments); and popular communications activities.This initiative is:

  • Strengthening and diversifying women’s leadership by deepening women’s political skills and analysis to better engage communities, to respond to fast-shifting power dynamics, and to negotiate agile alliances.
  • Reconnecting effective grassroots organizing strategies with policy advocacy and broader systemic change strategies at national and global levels.
  • Increasing the visibility and legitimacy of women’s critical, transformative role in communities, families and society and broaden the appeal of gender equality.
  • Contributing to the substance of women’s rights agendas and strategies integrate different types of rights (economic, social, cultural, civil and political) at regional and global levels with inspiring long-term visions of hope and change.
  • Generating fresh knowledge about the what and the how of women’s citizenship, women’s rights and movement-building from an intersectional perspective across differences.
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